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This mapping exercise is being initiated against the backdrop of the coming together of local and national NGOs from the global south to form the NEAR Network, which was officially launched in May 2016 at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey. NEAR seeks to influence humanitarian policies and improve the effectiveness of the global humanitarian system through strengthening local and national organizations to ensure their participation at all levels of development and disaster management, thereby ensuring the delivery of effective aid to people in need.

Initiatives such as the Grand Bargain, with donors committing to ensure 25% direct funding allocations to local NGOs by 2020, demonstrate more than ever the need for southern NGOs to prepare themselves by ensuring they have the necessary capacities and skills required and requested by donors.

While a wealth of tools exist to assist NGOs in improving their approaches to advocacy as well as their operational and technical capacities, there has been no overall assessment of their quality or relevance to southern nongovernmental organizations (SNGOs), nor is there a central repository for their management, leaving SNGOs to wade through this flood of information on their own.

NEAR has committed to address these challenges faced by SNGOs by identifying the most pertinent and well-developed tools and their availability for use, through the mapping and evaluation of capacity-strengthening methodologies, tools, and services available at the global level, in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, specifically in DRC, South Sudan, Somalia, Nepal, and Turkey. The mapping will provide the network members with a better understanding of existing capacity strengthening methods and the tools available to support the successful implementation of NEAR's capacity strengthening objectives.

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