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Tracking WHS Commitments

NEAR initiated a brainstorming meeting on tracking of localization commitments made at the WHS. The meeting was held on 22 June in Geneva with representatives from CHS Alliance, CAFOD, CARE, CaLP, Oxfam, ICVA, and Development Initiatives.

We believe in a transparent and inclusive process on tracking these commitments. The sharing of various tracking systems enabled participants to share knowledge and learn from each other. The meeting agreed to have a more inclusive, harmonized and transparent tracking framework for commitments made at the WHS.

Tracking of the localization commitments require all stakeholders to agree on the following;

Definition on national actors is key in tracking the Grand Bargain commitment to direct 25% of humanitarian funding “as directly as possible” to local and national agencies.

  • Adopt the Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2014 (GHA) definition of local and national organizations and share it on all platforms for it to be universally accepted
  • Have a clarity on the definition of the term ‘as direct as possible’
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