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Grand Bargain


The first-ever World Humanitarian Summit in 2016 outlined the Grand Bargain Commitments with the aim to transform the humanitarian sector. The Grand Bargain, born out of the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Financing, and was signed by donors and aid organisations to address the humanitarian financing gap. This includes a series of changes in the working practices of donors and aid organisations. These changes include; cash programming, greater funding for national and local responders and cutting bureaucracy through harmonised reporting requirements.

The Grand Bargain commits donors and aid organisations to providing “a global, aggregated target of at least 25% of humanitarian funding to local and national responders as directly as possible” by 2020.

The Grand Bargain set out 51 commitments which were categorised into 10 thematic workstreams:

  1. Greater Transparency
  2. More support and funding tools to local and national responders
  3. Increase the use and coordination of cash-based programming
  4. Reduce Duplication and Management costs with periodic functional reviews
  5. Improve Joint and Impartial Needs Assessments
  6. A Participation Revolution: include people receiving aid in making the decisions which affect their lives
  7. Increase collaborative humanitarian multi-year planning and funding
  8. Reduce the earmarking of donor contributions
  9. Harmonize and simplify reporting requirements
  10. Enhance engagement between humanitarian and development actors
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