How to apply?

  • Please download and read the detailed application form here: Membership Application Form
    The form contains step-by- step instructions of what you need to do to apply for membership as well as detailed information about the membership admission criteria and process.
  • Should you require assistance for any items not covered in the application form, please do not hesitate to contact
  • When you have completed the form, and gathered the necessary supporting documentation for your application, please send this all to
  • You can apply online for membership from following link Become a member

Membership Criteria

NEAR is an inclusive network, which leaves no one behind. Taking into consideration the diversity among local and national actors and the different contexts in which civil society actors operate the following categories of membership apply;

General Criteria

  • Have at least two years proven track record of operation activities in the humanitarian/development sector;
  • Must be locally rooted in the community and have a proven record of excellent working relations with or within the community;
  • Must provide audited financial statements for 2 consecutive years;
  • Must have a governance structure, constitution and by-laws written down in a publicly available document;
  • Not affiliated to terrorist organisation or involved in terrorist financing as dictated by International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism (1999) (the "1999 Financing of Terrorism Convention")1 or money laundering or any other criminal activities under international or national law;
  • Local and national organizations with special mandates on vulnerable/risk groups (such as gender equality, women and human rights, supporting people with disabilities) are encouraged to join.
  • Willingness and ability to contribute to the work of the Network
  • The organization must agree to abide by the rules and procedures of the Network

Types of membership

  • Full Membership: meet all the criteria including definition;
  • Associate Membership: this category is open to movements, other local regional actors including Diaspora organizations, individual experts and professionals;
  • Observer Membership: This is a category of those who cannot meet the criteria but hope to work - toward meeting that criteria in the future;

Membership Application Process

A membership application form should be completed and sent to the NEAR Secretariat along with the following documents:

  • Statutes/ constitution/ Statutes of Incorporation/Articles of Association or similar document;
  • Staff Code of Conduct that includes the prohibition of sexual exploitation and abuse by staff including permanent and temporary staff, volunteers, and consultants;
  • Proof of non-governmental and non-profit legal status or proof of least 2 to 3 years proven track record of operation activities in the humanitarian/development sector (for full member applications only);
  • Two most recent annual reports and audited financial statements, including sources of income and current donors;
  • Names of Board of Directors, Trustees or equivalent;
  • Confirmation, via the application process, that the organisation or entity commits to the NEAR vision, mission and values;
  • Two references, one of which is from an existing NEAR member
  • other material specified in the application procedure.

Procedure for screening and acceptance of membership

Approval process


  • Secretariat reviews the application against the eligibility criteria and verifies that all documents are submitted, including references by the applicant;
  • The secretariat may request additional information from applicant;
  • Once the verification process is finalised the secretariat will notify the NEAR members that application has been made by the organisation

NEAR Members

  • Once the members receive notification of the membership application from the secretariat, the members can raise any objections with justification to the secretariat within 2 weeks;
  • If there are any objections the secretariat will examine the matter and make a recommendation to the Leadership Council.

The Leadership Council

  • The secretariat will provide full information with recommendation and justification to the Leadership Council for approval of the member’s application;
  • The Leadership Council will deliberate and provide the decision for approval or not to the secretariat.
  • The Leadership Council will review and approve applications quarterly.

The applicant

  • The organisation applying for membership will get a response within three months of applying for membership unless there are issues raised by the members or the LC;
  • Once the membership has been approved by the LC the secretariat will inform the applicant and send member package and will request membership fee payment;
  • On receipt of the membership fee the organisation will become a member;
  • The organisation will provide their logo to be uploaded on the NEAR website.
  • The member will also upload logo of NEAR on their website.

Membership Renewal

The membership will be renewed on annual basis on receipt of the membership fee.

Suspension of membership

The membership of NEAR will be suspended if:

  • Organisation is in violation of membership criteria or rules and regulations;
  • Failure to pay membership fee;
  • The organisation will be given the chance to justify and/ or rectify the mistake and will be asked to provide justification;
  • The leadership council will take the decision after reviewing the evidence.

The right to appeal

  • In case of rejection or deferred application the applying organisation has a right to appeal the decision once with justification to the LC;
  • An appeals committee will examine the facts and will provide a response with assistance from the secretariat. Their response is final
  • Once approved or rejected, the applicant will be informed of the decision of the Network
  • The decision of the Network on the admission or rejection of membership is final.

Membership Fees

Membership fees amounts and commencement will be determined at the first Annual General Assembly

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