This area focuses on organization and operations around already acquired resources, mainly financial and assets in an organization. The emphasis is on providing frameworks around both prudence in the use of resources but also custody of the same.

Integrating Financial Management into Programme Management

Here are ten practical ideas to help integrate financial management and programme management:

  • Financial tips on the procurement process

    It is important to have a clear procurement policy to avoid confusion and to make sure we get value for money when buying goods or services. The policy also removes the suspicion of fraud – and the temptation!

  • Office in a Box: Financial Documents

    Developed and tested in the field by experienced Mercy Corps staff, the Office in a Box offers a complete package of tools and best practices for the start-up and management of field office operations systems in the humanitarian aid community. By using the Office in a Box, Mercy Corps has greatly improved its efficiency, increased program impact and become a better steward of donor funds. Mercy Corps hopes to spread the benefits of the Office in a Box to partner organizations and humanitarian professionals by sharing free of cost, under Creative Commons CC0.

    The Office in a Box is designed to be used during emergencies, the start-up of new field offices and to strengthen operations management in existing field offices. It contains:

    1) tools and document templates crucial to operations management during emergency response, program startup, and long-term development programs.

    2) office set-up checklists, best practice guidelines and manuals for using the above tools as an auditable system.

  • A funding handbook for community-led groups

  • Financial Management in Procurement

  • Integrating Financial Management

  • Financial Management

  • Financial Management

    Secure your future. Your Road to Financial Management Systems

  • A Handbook for Financial Management

    A handbook for NGOs

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