We are a movement of civil society organizations from the global south rooted in our communities who share a common goal of promoting fair, equitable and dignified partnerships in the current aid system. Our vision is to ensure genuine local participation at all levels of development and disaster management, and that effective aid is delivered to people in need.

Our network is made up of members from local and national NGOs from Africa, Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Latin America.

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  • Advocacy


    We enhance policy-level and operational collaboration between local and national organizations. We aim to increase local influence on decision-making at international, regional and national policy level through advocacy, networking and communication.

  • Organisational Development

    Organisational Development

    We believe that robust and resilient organizations are key to increasing local capacity to respond to crisis and development challenges. We offer a platform for collaboration, along with learning and resources to strengthen the organizational capacity of our members as well as their accountability and preparedness to respond to the needs of their communities.

  • Funding


    We advocate for increased access to direct funding for local and national organizations. As part of this we are exploring the design of innovative financing models including piloting independent, pooled funding mechanisms at country levels managed by the network. The national funds would invest in the standing responsive capacity of organizations working with local communities and strengthen their ability to work with a wide range of partners, both for humanitarian aid, development and resilience building.

  • Research and Humanitarian


    We counteract the lack of visibility in the international space of organizations working with local communities by actively promoting their work through research and evidence-based publications.

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